Open_Sailing was a project developing hardware, software and legal frameworks to enable the design and construction of the first International Ocean Station.

The open-source project was split into a series of labs which each developed individual technologies. One of these labs, Protei – a swarming robot that cleans up oil spills – went on to supersede Open_Sailing, and has now been presented by project founder Cesar Harada at numerous conferences, exhibitions and institutions worldwide (including TED).

I was a team member from 2009 – 2013, completing military sea survival training in France, managing competition entries and design processes and presenting the project at conferences.

Please note that Open_Sailing has since been renamed Open_H20, and its offshoot Protei is in active international development.


  • Collaborative project
  • 2009-13


  • Open_Sailing received considerable press. I will compile some of it here soon!

Project credits

Project initiated by Cesar Harada at the Royal College of Art Design Interactions department.

Many people have passed through the community, and lots of great friendships formed…I will list some of them here soon.

Video credit

Open_Sailing 4′ concept from Cesar Harada on Vimeo