Rules of the Game


A short film made for the 2018 Sci Fi London 48 hour film challenge, in which participants have to write, shoot, and edit a sci-fi film in 48 hours. Each participant is given a title, a prompt and an action, and a line of dialogue, and have to use these to write, shoot, and edit a film in 48 hours.

My prompts were:
Title: Rules of the Game
Prop and action: A character opens a sealed padded envelope and pulls out a card.
Line of dialogue: The count for this stuff is off the chart, probably best you don’t get it on your skin.

My 5-minute film is about Larry Hammer in the midst of an experiment, and his relationship with Tony.


  • Film by Ollie Palmer
  • Script supervision: Amy Butt, Pippa Palmer


  • Year: 2018
  • Medium: film