Trees of Rotterdam


A breathtaking journey through the skies, streets and trees of Rotterdam, telling the story of past, present, and possible futures of trees in the city.

Filmed in a single shot, captured using high-tech point cloud scanners, the film takes the audience through the cityscape from a series of unique viewpoints. The camera moves over, under, and through the urban environment, whilst narration from experts (an architectural historian, a tree advocate, a naturalist and the city council tree expert) offers insights into how the urban and natural can co-exist.

In these times of environmental catastrophe, what can we learn from nature that already surrounds us? This film asks the audience to question their own relationship with trees: When’s the last time you really looked at a tree?

A collaboration with artist Alice Ladenburg. Full project information and press pack available at

Short film, 12 minutes; 4k UHD Apple ProRes file.


A film by Alice Ladenburg and Ollie Palmer

Written, produced and directed by

  • Alice Ladenburg
  • Ollie Palmer

Cinematography, editing, scan post-processing

  • Ollie Palmer

Original concept

Scanning and scan processing

  • Jens van der Zee
    Laboratory for Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University
  • Scans originally for Fourteen Trees of Rotterdam (2021) by Alice Ladenburg


  • Herman van Bergeijk
  • Charlotte van der Heiden
  • Ronald Loch
  • Kees Moeliker
  • Adriaan Wormgoor
  • Phoebe Ladenburg

Voiceover recording

  • Ollie Palmer
  • Phoebe Ladenburg

Location audio recording

  • Alice Ladenburg

Supported by

  • Wageningen University