Talk at Art + Architecture

Ollie’s latest ant project will see its first public airing in a panel discussion at “Reclaiming Space”, hosted by Sinta Tantra and Art and Architecture, on the 29th April 2010.


Zoe Schoenherr, Nick Brown, Marina Chang, Ollie Palmer, Sinta Tantra

Art & Architecture will travel to Camley Street Nature Park to see the work of a number of artists participating in the Reveal Festival. Join us for a guided tour of the new works by Nick Brown and Zoe Schoenherr, accompanied by the artists. Afterwards, we will return to the visitor centre and join the urban researcher Marina Chang and architectural designer Ollie Palmer for a panel discussion.

  • – Zoe Schoenherr is an artist who investigates strategies of site intervention, in the context of public space. Zoe explores the social and psychological impact of the designed environment, through work that blurs the traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture and architecture.
  • – Marina Chang is coordinator of UCL Food Junctions, a festival within a festival that brings together people from different disciplines and cultures and challenges us to rethink our relationship with food (24th, 25th & 28th April + 1st-2nd May.)
  • – Nick Brown has a history of working in community-based, natural settings and in the public realm. His central interest is the relationship between the artist and the site and the production of work that engages the viewer with that site.
  • – Ollie Palmer is a multi disciplinary designer. He is director of Hoog Design and collaborator with Open_Sailing. Ollie will present his current project, an artwork that investigates of the social behavior of ants.
  • Sinta Tantra is an artist and independent curator. Sinta curated the Camley Street Project in 2008: a sculpture by Nick Hornby, inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. She is currently exhibiting at the Stanley Picker Gallery.

Entrance: £4 Members – £2 Students (includes a glass of wine)
Nearest Tube: Kings Cross
Advance booking: / tel 07950 933391
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