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Bioart book

Ant Ballet has been featured in William Myers‘ book BioArt: Altered Realities, recently published by Thames and Hudson. The book is a compendium of projects from sixty artists, collectives, and organizations from around the world working within the emerging and ever-changing field of ‘bioart’, and features people such as Philip Beesley, Vincent Fournier, Neri Oxman and Carole Collet.

Spread on the Ant Ballet project. There’s also an email interview with me in the back.

The book has been reviewed in Science and We Make Money Not Art, among others. I’ve seen it on sale in the Palais de Tokyo and the Centre Pompidou bookshops in Paris, which leads me to suspect that it’s available somewhere near you, too. Or failing that, Amazon.

New Scientist Christmas Special

Ant Ballet is featured, albeit very briefly, in this weeks’ issue of New Scientist (22 Dec 2012).

Here is the article:

New Scientist, 22 Dec 2012, page 54

It is a side note in an article about Tim Cockerill‘s brand new Flea Circus – which uses real fleas to revive this old tradition. Here’s a video with slightly more information about Tim’s flea circus:

For more information about the Flea Circus, see Tim’s website. For more from New Scientist, visit their website.

Phase IV. Destruction (Undetermined)

Katya Ganyushina interviewed me last month for an article in Christies Education’s magazine C#12. It was a really fun interview – and as a bonus, there’s a Russian translation too!

Read the article online here (pages 24-29), or download a pdf here.