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Ant Ballet in Wired UK

Ant Ballet was featured in Wired UK today:

To collect the ants, he had to take a manual vacuum device — essentially a tube that goes into a container and then another tube from that container to the collector’s mouth. The person sucks air in through the upper tube, which draws ants into the container. A gauze layer prevents any ants going into the collector’s mouth. However the scent they emit “tastes very bitter”. “After three days of sucking up ants you sure know about it,” Palmer told

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Godot Machine in Art World Magazine (China)

The Godot Machine is featured in this month’s edition of Art World Magazine’s quarterly publication Snacks. If you’re in mainland China, you can purchase a copy from this list of outlets; alternatively peruse the images below.

The version of the Godot Machine in the images – 2.1 – has since been superceded by 3.0, which features a new drive mechanism and vision processing system (and is just generally better).

Also featured in the magazine was Chris Woebken and Kenichi Okada‘s Animal Superpowers, a project that I love and have oft-referenced.

Open_Sailing on NTV

Open_Sailing was featured on the independent Chinese news channel NTV. You can watch the segment below, or here.


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Open_Sailing & ARS Electronica

Open_Sailing ARS proposal, 2009

Open_Sailing is proud to announce that it is the winner of the 2009 ARS Electronica Next Big Idea prize, with a three-month residency in Linz, Austria and a place at the ARS Electronica show in September. We’re hoping to float the Open_Sailing prototype on the Danube (where we’ll be living on-board), so that visitors will be able to board, explore and imagine their own life on the ocean.