IFFR 2024

I am terrible at keeping news up to date. This is a retrospective post…

Trees of Rotterdam, the short film I made with Alice Ladenburg, premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January. It was paired with Carel van Hees’ beautiful documentary Berichten uit de Hunkerbunker, a moving portrait of a city through the eyes of an elderly woman living in the RVS apartments on the Beukelsdijk in Rotterdam. I absolutely loved Carel’s film, and it was a pleasure sharing the stage for the many Q&A sessions.

Overall, there were six sold-out screenings of the programme. The film will also be shown at a few more venues later in the year, to be confirmed.

Here are some photos. As ever, I’m not great at documenting things as they happen.

Artists Alice Ladenurg and Ollie Palmer pointing in disbelief at their own poster at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2024 Art x IFFR The cast and crew of Trees of Rotterdam: Jens van der Zee, Alice Ladenburg, Ollie Palmer, Kees Moeliker, Adriaan Wormgoor First scene of Trees of Rotterdam as seen in Cinerama cinema The audience at Lantarenvenster Alice Ladenburg anwering a question at a cinema Q&A session Carel van Hees anwering a question at a cinema Q&A session Still from Trees of Rotterdam on the screen in Lantarenvenster cinema, Rottedam