Month: September 2012

Ant Ballet at FutureEverything: Video

Here’s a video that FutureEverything made explaining a little about the Ant Ballet project, as installed at FutureEverything’s art exhibition earlier this year. It shows the simulation-version of the Ant Ballet machine in the spectacular setting of Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).

And speaking of MOSI, Here’s Jean Franczyk, its Director, talking through the exhibition, its links with FutureEverything, and some of the artworks on show:

There are more videos from FutureEverything’s exhibition and conference here.
Read a little more about Ant Ballet here.

Thanks to Heechan Park for the huge role he played in the assembly of the machine!

Phase IV. Destruction (Undetermined)

Katya Ganyushina interviewed me last month for an article in Christies Education’s magazine C#12. It was a really fun interview – and as a bonus, there’s a Russian translation too!

Read the article online here (pages 24-29), or download a pdf here.