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Ant Ballet in Manchester Evening News

In anticipation of the FutureEverything art exhibition, Manchester Evening News ran a story about Ant Ballet last week. Unforutnately the only copy I could get my hands on was a bit dog-eared, so you may not be able to decipher it from the above photo, but you can read the article online here.

Ant Ballet in Wired UK

Ant Ballet was featured in Wired UK today:

To collect the ants, he had to take a manual vacuum device — essentially a tube that goes into a container and then another tube from that container to the collector’s mouth. The person sucks air in through the upper tube, which draws ants into the container. A gauze layer prevents any ants going into the collector’s mouth. However the scent they emit “tastes very bitter”. “After three days of sucking up ants you sure know about it,” Palmer told

Read the full article here.