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iPod cardboard casing

People keep asking which designer boutique my iPod case came from. You wouldm’t believe it, but I made this myself.

Custom sound system

This “sweet” stereo has all the kids dancing to the latest “pop tunes”. Materials: speakers, circuitry, cardboard, red electrical tape. Built February 2009.

Home-made iMac

If you don’t have an iMac, you can always make one. I did the other day. Here it is.

Dayvan Cowboy

I love this video. It uses archive footage from Project Excelsior, an early-60s experiment by the USAF that fed directly into space programmes. Joseph Kittinger (seen below) conducted all of the jumps – from a height of up to 31km. He was also the first man to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon.

iMac ant farm

I built this ant farm out of an old iMac last summer. Scoop out the insides, get some sealant stuff, acrylic and soil, and hey presto.


I just found this cartoon folded up in an old book. It’s about one of the first design teachers I had when I was 13-14. Despite my obvious resentment, something must have sunk in…